• Hi, my name’s Adele and I started Outbound Books, an independent digital publisher celebrating female awesomeness.*

    (*Notably painfully American term... though I’m based in London with no actual ties to America, I am prob the biggest wannabe American you will ever meet, so it seemed fitting.)

  • Chase your dreams, love your body, and unhook from the outcome. Whether women are kicking ass in the corporate world or their own startup or outside of business altogether, I've noticed that this is the formula that seems to work for most of them, and I started Outbound Books to spread that message.


    Having spent the past decade working in marketing and product management in tech startups, where so much focus can be on growing at breakneck speed, I wanted to resist that approach and instead grow the company deliberately slowly.


    Inspired by businesses that stand for something more than profits alone (think Kiva, Icebreaker, Patagonia, Whole Foods), part of Outbound Books’ annual profits go to Room to Read and part of our quarterly profits run digital literacy and confidence programs for young women.


    Outbound Books’ website is en route but until then you can keep in touch via Medium, Twitter, and join our list above to find out when we launch. (I say ‘our’ but it’s really just me, writing from cafes, spending most of the day trying not to feel like a loser.)


    Happy reading!


    P.S. Calling all Xmas shoppers. Do you love (or even just really like/respect) someone who wants to find work that doesn't suck? Our career change paperbacks will make you feel like Oprah and Santa Claus had a baby (and you're that baby), when you help someone's 2017 become possibly the best they've ever had. New paperbacks are "Finding Fulfilling Work" & "Leaving Law" - these bad boys are available now to slip underneath someone's Xmas tree.